Body Wrap

Body Wrapping is a great way to relax, with a deep cleansing effect.
It's detoxifying ability gets rid of toxins in the skin, leaving the skin firmer, moisturised and healthier. Basically it works by stimulating your circulation, drawing out impurities and giving your body minerals that are maybe missing. Its ingredients have a remedial effect on your skin, while the coverings warm your body. We recommend to do this treatment once a week to have a better long-term effect in relaxation and skin care.

Body Wraps start always with some kind of body exfoliation.

Dead sea mineral mud
The benefits of the dead sea mineral mud are tremendous. It contains more minerals than any other mud treatment. The mud helps to detoxify the body, increase blood circulation, softens and moisturise the skin and also relieves aches and pains.

45 min


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Natural Body Scrub

Natural Body Scrubs A body scrub is a treatment which scrubs away dead skin cells from the body by gentle rubbing the treated body parts. It exfoliates, cleanses and hydrates your skin and leaving your skin smooth. Normally, the body replace it skin cells every 28 day. Helping get rid of these dead cells makes your skin healthier again.

Coffee Milk Scrub

Coffee Milk Scrub
Coffee beans are packed with antioxidants that help protect your skin and prevent premature signs of aging. In addition to scrubbing away dead skin cells, the natural ingredients in this scrub will stimulate skin. Micro-circulation which reduces cellulite.

The natural milk contained in this scrub will nourish tour skin with long lasting moisture leaving healthy! You will love the fresh coffee aroma!

30 min


45 min


60 min


Salt Scrub

Himalayan Salt Scrub
This special Salt Scrub is paced with minerals and trace nutrients which your skin needs like calcium and magnesium, to improve hydration by strengthening the barrier function of the skin. This scrub not only exfoliates and removes dead skin, leaving a smoother skin but also helps to draw out toxins.

30 min


45 min


60 min



How to perform a body scrub?
You will start face-down on a massage table that is covered with a towel and a sheet. Then the therapist will return and start by gently rubbing the exfoliant on the back of your arms, legs and feet. Then you turn over on the other side so that the opposite sides can be treated. After the treatment a refreshing shower awaits you to finish the regeneration process of your skin. In the last step you return to the massage room.

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FIR Sauna Blanket

(FIR : Far-Infrared)

Far Infrared Rays are invisible to the eye. which the energy is absorbed very easily by the human body and helps it in all aspects. It's very healing and rejuvenating. This Blanket is like a sleeping bag and is absolutely excellent for a variety of treatments. That can help you eliminate harmful toxins of your body, Promote weight loss, relieve muscles and joint pain, increase blood circulation and boost your immune system. It is also a great alternative for the infrared sauna in combination with a massage.

At Harmony Tree we use a 3 Heating Zone System – Upper Body, Middle and lower Body - To Ensure a full coverage of your body.

+ FIR Infrared Sauna Blank Treatment
+ Indian Head Massage
+ Refreshing shower

45 min $99

Sauna pricing

We recommend this for 1 to 2 sessions a week. The Sauna Blanket shouldn't be used more than 30 minutes at a time as it may overheat the body.


For use of the sauna blankets, all metallic objects, piercings etc. have to be removes due to the infrared rays.

Seek advice from your doctor prior to treatment if any of the following apply:
- Taking Medications
- Under 12 years old
- The elderly
- Cardiovascular Conditions
- Chronic conditions

FIR Sauna Blanket use is not recommended for people with the following conditions:
- Pregnancy
- Hemophilia
- Fever
- Insensitivity to heat
- Alcohol/ Alcohol abuse
- Artificial Implants, Stents, Pacemakers
- Menstrual Flow
- Diabetes
- High Blood Pressure
- Kidney Disease

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Heel Peel

Cracked Heel Peel

Cracked heels not only make you lack confidence but are also painful. Dry heels are a natural by product of a cold, harsh winter and some other causes include dehydration, improper diet, wearing the wrong kinds of footwear, not moisturizing your feet, extremely hot baths and shower etc.

At Harmony Tree we design a special treatment that is the best treatment for dry cracked heels for our guest.

Heel Before and After

This treatment start with Milk Foot Bath and a Natural scrub. After that we will Patch & Wrap the feet, Peeling off keratin with the scratcher, Polish the remaining keratin with a buffer. Then detox and moisturise your feet with a Honey Milk Clay Wrap. This clay adds minerals and is an effective way to eliminate toxins or heavy metals. While wrapped by this clay the foot massage is applied with long strokes on your calves and legs with warmed aromatic oil. Finally, we used moisturizing cream for your feet.

You will love this amazing treatment and get baby soft feet. We recommend this treatment every 2 week although results are seen after the first treatment.

Is this hygienic?
Yes, It's hygienic due to the fact this product is individually packaged, The Scraper is sterilized and the foot file has replaceable pads.

Is it safe?
Yes it certainly is. This product uses cosmetic ingredients only, it is furthermore an almost entirely natural product. The scraper is made of plastic for the safe removal of the treated skin.

60 min


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